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Published in 1994, Corrected and updated to include a fifteenth generation
(for Windows and Macintosh)

The CDROM includes these bonus supplements:

All printable issues of The Pied Cow, newsletter of The Chadbourne Family Association

Pictures of historic sites and people

An article about the ca 1660 Humphrey Chadbourne house excavation by Dr. Emerson Baker, archeologist

A slide presentation about the excavation, given at the CFA Reunion, August 2000

The genealogy uses Folio search software to enable you to quickly locate a name or phrase anywhere in the ‘book.’ There are links from every head of household’s record to his father’s record. You can select and save to a text file, so that you can quickly build a family ancestry and print it.
These CD-ROMs are ideal gifts for Chadbourne children and grandchildren who are computer literate but, until now, had no interest in family history.

Not Just for Chadbournes!

If your ancestral line has connections in southern Maine, especially in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, you may find them! For example, our index contains over 200 individuals with surnames Goodwin and Smith, over 150 named Libby and Spencer, over 100 named Davis, Grant, Thompson, and Warren, and nearly 100 named Chick, Clark, Emery, Littlefield, and Lord. Plus seventy-five surnames with over twenty listings, and hundreds more.

And, the text is full of early reference material useful to ALL early Maine enthusiasts and researchers.
Prices are as follows:


CFA Members with 2000 version


CFA Members without 2000 version


Non-CFA Members


 Shipping & handling

$ 3.00

Make check payable to Chadbourne Family Association and send with order to
Deborah Chadbourne
POB 201
Strong, ME  04983-0201

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Available NOW.
See Map of Original Settlement — Available for Framing