Fifth Generation

62. WILLIAM 5 CHADBOURNE (41. William4 Humphrey3-2 William1), born Berwick 30 July 1714 (BVR, 208); baptized First Church of Berwick 21 Nov 1714 (NEHGR, 82:77); died circa Sep 1761 (YP #2708); married probably by 1735 (first child's conception) PHEBE YEATON, born 1718-9 (aad), died Portsmouth NH July 1784, age 65 (NEHGR, 82:410), daughter of Philip and Joanna (Pray) Yeaton (see below). Phebe married second before 25 Sep 1769 (YD 41:166) William Abbott, born about 1711, baptized Kittery 8 Feb 1719/20 with his siblings (NEHGR 82:8--), died of atrophy Nov 1787, age 76 (Records of the South Church, Portsmouth NH, ts, NH Hist Soc, Concord NH), son of Joseph3 and Alice (Nason) Abbott. Phebe is probably the "Abbot,_____, wife of William, 65 years, who died Jul _ 1784" (ibid).

Phebe Hobbs, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Morrill) Hobbs, was previously believed to be the wife of William, but further evidence points toward Phebe Yeaton. Thomas Hobbs Jr was chosen guardian (with his wife Mary Abbott) to five of Phebe's minor children after William's death and still was guardian to the three youngest in 1768 (YP #2651). A relationship to this Hobbs family is strongly indicated, but has not been proven. Phebe Chadbourne was received into the First Church of Berwick on 11 July 1742, the same day that Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Hobbs Sr, was baptized there.

            William and Phebe lived in Berwick, where William was called a yeoman in deeds and a laborer in probate (MPA 10/43). He served in Capt Moses Butler's Company during the Louisburg Expedition of 1745 and, with others at Cape Breton 10 July 1745, authorized Peter Grant to receive his bounty money, "if there be any taking the famous city's plunder" (Burrage,Maine at Louisburg in 1745, 60, 74). William's autograph appears on a note of hand signed in Somersworth NH 19 Mar 1761 (York Co Common Pleas, Oct Term, 1770).

            On 14 June 1759, William Chadbourne, yeoman of Berwick, and his younger brother Thomas Chadbourne, smith of Portsmouth NH, joined together to sell their rights in he Fowling Marsh allocated to "our Father William Chadbourn, Decd," (YD 36:257-8).

            In William's probate papers (YP #2708), the widow is allowed maintenance of 2 children of the deceased under 7 years of age for 10 months in July 1762, from which the approximate date of his death is calculated. The inventory was listed as 35.19.0 (ibid). While no real estate appeared in the inventory, claims were made against the estate in 1765 and 1770, showing that he left land. The 1770 claim showed that his estate was in the hands of Phebe and William Abbot (YD 39:263; 42:16). Widow Phebe Chadbourne cohabited with William Abbott from May 1767 to Oct 1767 "as man and wife, they being unmarried" (York Co General Sessions, Oct 1767). They were published in Berwick 30 Nov 1764 (BVR, 3), but apparently did not go through with the ceremony. She married him after this court appearance and before 25 Sep 1769 when she is called Phebe Abbot, wife of William, in a deed (YD 41:166). They later moved to Portsmouth.

Children (indicated age: three baptized First Church of Berwick, others presumed born Berwick), surname CHADBOURNE:

            i.            CATHERINE6, b 3 Jan 1736 (BVR says 1726); bpt 28 Mar 1736; d Moultonborough NH 24 Oct 1823, age 87 (Moultonborough VR); m1 Berwick 10 Apr 1755 (NEHGR 82:511) SOLOMON ABBOTT, who d before 1 Jan 1759 (MPA 10/68, 132; YP #2634); m2 Berwick 27 Jan 1761 (NEHGR 83:9) JAMES ABBOTT, d after 10 July 1779 (will made); m3 Berwick 6 Jan 1789 (NEHGR, 74:258) SHIPWAY GOODWIN, bpt Berwick 4 June 1732 (ibid, 82:91), d Moultonborough NH ca 1816 (Moultonborough tax lists, NH State Archives), son of William and Abigail (Stone) Goodwin, and a descendant of Patience2 Chadbourne, (qv, John S Goodwin, Goodwins of Kittery, Maine, 48). Shipway had m1 (BVR, 197) Lydia Lord, with whom he left issue. James' will, made 10 July 1779, was not proved until 15 Dec 1794, and named his wife Katharine, who received household goods and all his personal estate, and three children. It was witnessed by Humphrey Chadbourn, Humphrey Chadbourn 3d, and William Chadbourn Jr, the last two named probably being her brothers (MPA 16/532; 17/7,23). Shipway Goodwin and Katharine his wife settled James Abbott's estate in 1795 (YP 16:532, 17:7, 23:69). Children with first husband, b Berwick, surname Abbott: 1. John, b 20 Aug 1755. 2. Catherine, b 6 Feb 1758, m Berwick 15 Nov 1780 Benjamin Weymouth Jr (Weeden Coll Mss, NEHGS, Boston, 122), perhaps son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Rollins) Weymouth. Children with second husband, b Berwick, surname Abbott: 3. James. 4. Elizabeth/Betty. 5. Sarah, b 28 May 1773 (NEHGR 74:195; MPA 16/532).

            ii.            ELIZABETH, bpt 27 Mar 1739 (NEHGR 82:208; VR, 305); d Berwick 19 Sep 1777 (NEHGR 74:193); m by 1764 and before 20 Mar 1765 when her brother William deeded him rights to the estate of their late uncle Humphrey Chadbourne (YD 38:132) DANIEL SMITH of Berwick, b Berwick ca 1738, d Moultonborough NH 30 Dec 1813, age 75 (gs, Smith Cem, Moultonborough NH), perhaps son of Daniel and Lydia Smith of Berwick. He m2 (BVR, 136) Margaret Gray of Berwick, with whom he had children. Daniel Smith, a cordwainer, resided in Berwick, then Barnstead, and Moultonborough, NH. Children, b Berwick ("Master Tate's Diary," NEHGR, 74:37), surname Smith: 1. William, b 25 Oct 1764. 2. Moses, b 27 Feb 1767. 3. Daniel, b 7 Jan 1770. 4. Reuben, b 17 May 1772, 5. Elizabeth, b 15 June 1776.

            iii.            MARY, b 1743; d after 1820; m Berwick 23 Nov 1763 (BVR, 197) JACOB HODSDON, bpt 1st Church of Berwick 5 Jan 1741/2 (NEHGR 82:212), d Sandwich or Moultonborough NH after 1822 (Hodsdon family records), son of Benjamin and Mary (Shorey) Hodsdon (Stackpole, 532). Jacob moved to Sanford, served in the Revolutionary War June 1782-Jan 1784 (pension file), removed to Moultonborough NH 1794, to Groton VT about 1818, and was pensioned by US Government 1819. Children, surname Hodsdon: 1. Jacob, m 26 Oct 1796 (Moultonborough VR) Anna Richardson. Samuel and Jacob Hodgdon were in Buxton and Hollis Light Infantry 1809, on the muster roll of Capt James Warren (Ridlon). 2. Humphrey, m 23 Nov 1796 (ibid) Lydia Brawn. NOTE: Recent correspondence with a descendant of the Hodsdon family introduces the possiblity of other children: 3. Samuel, b 1764/5, probably eldest, m1 Hollis 1785, 2 sons, div, m2 ca 1789, moved to Cabot VT ca 1790-92 and raised a second family of 10 children there. Paternity not proven. 4. William, b 1771 (age 79 in 1850 census), m Sanford 1794 Olive Paul, moved to Groton VT. 5. Betsey, b 1765, m Sanford Stephen Hobbs (these two bur Sanford). 6. Margaret, m 1796 Arthur Bragdon. 7. Polly, m Sanford 1803 Henry Nore of Westborough.

73        iv.           WILLIAM, bpt Berwick 6 Sep 1744.

            v.            PHEBE, b 25 Nov 1748 (Early Marriages of Strfford Co NH); d after 1799; m 14 July 1768 by Rev Dr Jeremy Belknap of 1st Church at Dover ("Vital Records of Dover, NH 1686-1850", 1894, reprint 1977, Dover Hist Soc) PEASLEE4 MORRELL, b 25 9mo 1748 (Berwick Friend's Rec, NEHGR 72:255), d Brownville ME 9 Aug 1847 (Williamson, Morrill Lineage), or Belgrade ME 9 Oct 1828, age 97 (Bangor Hist Mag, 6:159), son of Peter3 (John2-1) and Sarah (Peaslee) Morrell. The Chase Chart of 1858 says that Phebe m William Abbott, which is an error, confusing her with her mother Phebe's second marriage. Phebe was under Thomas Hobbs' guardianship in 1763, age over 14. Two grandsons of this family were governors of the State of Maine. The family may have been Quaker. Peaslee was disowned by the church in 1768, probably because he had married out. Children, surname Morrell: 1. Hannah, b ca 1774, d Cumberland 10 July 1848, m Ebenezer Wells, 5 ch. 2. Peaslee, b 1771, may have m Berwick 2 Sep 1804 (BVR, 52) Jane Frost of Sanford. 3. Reuben. 4. Stephen, b 1773. 5. Elizabeth, dy. 6. Peter, b Berwick 22 Nov 1779, d 24 Oct 1818, m1 Falmouth 29 Dec 1803 Mary/Mercy Hall, b Falmouth 1782, d 10 Dec 1855, dau of Jededia and Hannah (Hussy) Hall, may have m2 1825 Jane (Emery) Frost, 8 ch (Morrell Fam Rec).

            vi.           JOANNA, b between 1749-1763; d before 4 July 1793 (husband's m2); m Second Church Berwick 28 May 1772 (NEHGR 74:250) ISAAC MORRELL, b 31 Jan 1739, d by 23 Apr 1799 (MPA 18/63A, 18/64; 18/80), son of Robert and Patience (Weymouth) Morrell #18.v.4. He m2 4 July 1793 Hannah Stanley, who survived him (Morrell Family Gen; YP). Joanna was one of the three children under 14 who had Thomas Hobbs appointed their guardian, possibly one of the two under age 7 in 1763. Francis Chadbourn was a surety on the guardian's bond when Peter Morrell Jr of Berwick was appointed guardian to Betsey, under 14 on 23 Apr 1799, and Moses Weymouth was one of those dividing the estate on 20 May of that year, which division names wife Hannah, and his children, all evidently with Joanna. Children, surname Morrell: 1. Isaac, "only son". 2. Molly, d after 23 June 1800, m by 20 May 1799 William Hobbs, who d by 23 June 1800 (MPA 18/264; MPA 18/208). 3. Joanna, m by 20 May 1799 John 5 Dennett (John 4-3-2-1). 4. Betsey, under 14 on 23 Apr 1799 (MPA 18/65; 18/208).

74      vii.         FRANCIS, bpt 5/6 June 1755.

75        viii.            HUMPHREY, "but a child" when his father died in 1761.

63. ELDER/CAPTAIN HUMPHREY5 CHADBOURNE "JR" (41. William4 Humphrey3-2 William1), born Berwick 20 June 1716; baptized 5 Aug 1716 (Berwick First Church; NEHGR 82:77); died Berwick 11 May 1798 (gs, 11 June in Young's Index; YP #2635); m Dover NH 1 Apr 1742 (Stackpole, 314) PHEBE E HOBBS, born Dover NH 19 Sep 1722 (Dover VR, 22), died Waterborough ME 6 Aug 1807, age 83, daughter of Capt James4 (Morris3 James2 Morris1) and Rebecca (Garland) Hobbs (Dover Historical Coll NH Hist Soc). The Garland name was verified by adoption papers in probate court, where James Hobbs took adoption of the children of Rebecca's brother John Garland. LND names the children of Jabez and Dorcus (Heard) (Wm H Jones, CFAA) Garland, including John and Rebecca, although it lists the possibility of Rebecca marrying someone else. The middle initial E appears for Phoebe in the Obed Foss Bible (see Simeon6).

            Humphrey was chosen deacon of the First Church of Berwick in 1757 (he was actually called deacon in 1754), and elder in 1761, but never was an ordained clergyman. He was usually referred to as Elder Humphrey and sometimes called Captain (Old Eliot vols). His 5 sons served in the Revolution (Emery). He was born in Berwick, and lived much of his later life on a place called the "Chick Farm" at N Berwick, described as being on the westerly side of the main road from N Berwick to S Berwick (leaf in an old family bible in possession of the Hays family; Little, Genealogy and Family History of Maine, 1349); his son Humphrey and his grandson Daniel also lived on this property. Part of the property he inherited from his uncle is described as 40 acres in Berwick Woods below the Little River and above Adam Goodwin's land and other property.

            His commission (original in Hays Family possession) for the invasion of Canada in 1758, a failed expedition to dislodge the French from the Lake Champlain area, appointed him a first lieutenant in the company of Ichabod Goodwin, Col Jedediah Preble commanding, and he was named captain in 1760 (American Officers in French and Indian War, NEHGS). There is a letter written by him to Major John Hill of Berwick in which he speaks of the capture of Isle aux Noix, on the Richelieu River between Lake Champlain and Montreal, 28 Aug 1760 (Special Colls, Hill Papers IV, NEHGS). Maine Historical Society has a nine page pamphlet reproducing the diary of his Lt. John Frost, on the successful Lake Champlain expedition.

            He was the executor of his uncle Humphrey's will (YP), by which he inherited a great amount of land, much of it being later sold or given to his sons. In 1763 he gave a christening basin to the church, presumably the Second Church of Berwick at Blackberry Hill (NEHGR 82:331-2). The basin was enumerated at Berwick in 1790 (Maine Families in 1790 2:38). The 1790 census lists Humphrey in Berwick with 2 males over 16 and 2 females. The Chase Charts of 1858 say that he moved to Cornish in his late years, verified by a deposition from him in which he stated he was of Francisborough (Cornish) (handwritten note by Libby in copy of Old Berwick). Upon his death, he held no real estate, but had seen that all of his family were well provided for. He and his wife are buried at Chadbourne Cemetery (gs), N Waterborough, on property that is now in the hands of descendant Earle Ahlquist, who was the major contributor to the compiling of the family of Paul 6, one of Humphrey's sons. This family often wrote the name as Chadbourn, without the e, and seemed to prefer it for several years until more modern records, but many of the branches used interchangable spelling in the records. Note the introduction of names of Paul, Simeon, Silas, and Levi, all new names to the Chadbourne family and not used in the Hobbs family.

Children, born Berwick (now S Berwick) (Stackpole, 314), baptized First Church (NEHGR 82:216, 312, 314, 318, 321, 324, 326, 328-9), surname CHADBOURNE:

            i.           son6, bpt Berwick 1743 (Franklin McDuffee, History of Rochester NH, 588); prob dy.

76     ii.         HUMPHREY, b 24 May 1744.

            iii.         ELIZABETH, b 20 May 1746; d N Berwick 20 Oct 1810; m 8 Feb 1764 ("Records of First Church of Berwick," NEHGR 83:10) CAPT ELIJAH3 HAYES, b Dover NH 5 Jan 1740/1, d N Berwick 10 Nov 1805, bur with his wife in the Hayes burying ground on Harvey's Hill, son of Peter2 (John1) and Sarah (Wingate) Hayes. They settled in N Berwick on the homestead that his father bought in 1747 from Elihu Gunnison (YD 17:48). Elijah also inherited land in Berwick and Rochester. His wife and children are named in his will, probated 17 Feb 1866 (YP #8863). Children (Kathleen Richmond, John Hays of Dover, New Hampshire, a Book of His Family, 1:81), surname Hayes: 1. Mehitable, b 28 Nov 1764, d Portsmouth 28 Oct 1848, m 2d Church Berwick 5 Aug 1790 Nathaniel Merriam, b 19 May 1767, d Portsmouth NH 4 Dec 1821, son of Reverend Matthew and Elizabeth (Thatcher) Merriam (BVR). 2. Reuben, (twin) b 5 Apr 1766, alive 1801 (father's will), may have m Berwick 5 Jan 1792 Elizabeth Ricker. 3. David, (twin) b 5 Apr 1766, d 7 Aug 1766. 4. Elijah, b 1 or 5 Jul 1767, d Berwick 1 June 1832 age 65 (gs; YP #8864), m1 21 Mar 1793 Mary Grant, d 3 Feb 1816, age 43, dau of Joshua Grant, m2 Berwick 3 Nov 1816 Mary Twombly, d 10 Sep 1819. 5. Edmund, b 10 Aug 1769, d Limerick 1 Oct 1840, age 71 (gs; Taylor, EF-Limerick, 71), m 20 July 1793 Mary Perkins, b Brentwood NH 5 Apr 1769, d Limerick 24 Feb 1858, age 89 (gs), 10 ch (Taylor, op cit). 6. Hiram, b 13 Aug 1771, d 12 Dec 1823, (Eastern Argus, 23 Dec 1823), m Berwick 28 Sep 1798 Tabitha Nowell, b 24 Jan 1773, d 21 Aug 1811 (gs), dau of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Frost) Nowell of York, 1 ch. 7. Betsey, b Berwick 20 Aug (gs) or 25 Nov 1773, d Lebanon 20 July 1858, bur there on the Goodwin Farm, Rte 202 & Smith Rd, m Berwick 9 July 1797 Ebenezer Tibbetts, b 1 June 1766, d Berwick 18 May 1806, bur Blackberry Hill, son of Ebenezer and Sarah (Lary) Tibbetts (Jarvis, Henry Tibbetts of Dover, NH and Some of His Descendants) 6 ch, including Tilly who m Cynthia Chadbourne, dau of Rev William 6. 8. Phebe, b N Berwick 21 Apr 1776, m 1 Dec 1791 Joseph Fogg, b 9 Feb 1772, d 4 June 1827 (BVR), son of Joseph and Mary (Littlefield) Fogg, 4 ch (Phyllis Whitten, Samuel Fogg and his Descendants, 1:274). 9. Jacob, b 13 June 1778, d 17 Mar 1784. 10. Huldah, b 15 July 1780, d 7 Feb 1863, unm, lived on the homestead with brother Hiram. 11. Susannah, b 2 Dec 1782, d Limerick 24 Apr 1827 (gs); m 17 Sep 1807 Isaac Fogg (VR), b Berwick 3 Nov 1783, d Limerick 26 Jan 1847, brother of Joseph above (he m2 Tabitha Edwards of Limerick). 12. Abigail, b 6 Feb 1785, d 11 Apr 1864, lived on the homestead with her brother Hiram. 13. Jacob, b 26 Feb 1787, d Industry 17 Mar 1853, m1 Berwick 3 Feb 1811 Ruth Hobbs, b 18 Mar 1789, d 11 Feb 1843, dau of Stephen and Abigail (Varney) Hobbs, m2 26 Aug 1844 Mary (Piper) Weston of Madison, b 18 Oct 1789, dau of John and Sarah (Wellington) Piper, widow of Stephen Weston. 14. dau, stillb 18 June 1789. 15. Rebecca, b 12 Sep 1791, d 7 or 9 Feb 1815, unm. 16. Peter, b 3 Sep 1794, d 28 June 1823, m Sarah Waugh, b 1803, d 18 Dec 1835, dau of Samuel and Betsey (Page) Waugh.

77        iv.          PAUL, b 20 Mar 1747/8.

78        v.           SIMEON, b 16 Apr 1750.

79        vi.          SILAS, b 8 Aug 1752.

            vii.         THOMAS, b 1754; bpt 22 Dec 1754; dy.

            viii.        SARAH/SALLY, b 10 Mar 1756 (Stackpole, 300); d 24 Nov 1834; m 12 Sep 1776 NATHANIEL BRACKETT, b 13 Jan 1751, son of Samuel and Mehitable (Ricker) Brackett (ibid). He served in Capt Ebenezer Sullivan's Co, Col James Scammon's Regt, Aug 1 1775 muster. They lived in Lyman. Children (Ralph E Peak, Genealogy of John Heard of Dover NH, 156), surname Brackett: 1. Nathaniel, b 24 Aug 1777, d 21 Sep 1778. 2. Nathaniel, b 29 Jan 1780, d 20 Oct 1871, m Nov 1805 Alice Ricker. 3. Isaac, b 5 July 1782, d 1838, m 1809 Margaret Ricker, b Waterboro 1789. 4. Phebe, b 11 Aug 1784, d 2 Mar 1884. 5. Mehitable, b 3 Dec 1786, m Moses Ricker. 6. John, b 7 July 1789, d by an accident 15 Apr 1845, unm. 7. Mary, b 6 May 1792, d 27 Nov 1883, unm.

80        ix.            LEVI, b 18 Apr 1758.

            x.            PHEBE HOBBS, b 13 Sep 1760, bpt 14 Sep 1760; d Mar 1811 (1st Church); m 30 Dec 1778 JONATHAN DANA CLARK, bpt 2 Nov 1756, d 2 Dec 1817, son of Jonathan and Mercy (Dana) Clark. Children, surname Clark: 1. James, m 19 Jan 1823 Lovina Wentworth (Chase Charts), 9 ch b S Berwick. 2. George. 3. Deborah, b May 1781, d China ME 28 Oct 1863, m 12 Mar 1832 James Hanson, had son James Hobbs Hanson (Peg Hutchins, CFAA).

81        xi.            WILLIAM, b 17 Jan 1763.

82        xii.           JAMES HOBBS, b 15 Feb 1766.

64. JUDGE BENJAMIN5 CHADBOURNE (41. William4 Humphrey3-2 William1), born Berwick 23 July 1718; baptized 15 Feb 1718/9; died Berwick 16 Mar 1799, age 82 (Young's Index, 4); married first Berwick 21 July 1742 (BVR, 113) SARAH HEARD, baptized Berwick 17 June 1722 (BVR, 212), died 23 Nov 1750 (ibid, 212), daughter of James 4 (Capt John 3 Ens James 2 John 1) and Mary (Roberts) Heard (BVR, 212); married second 10 Oct 1751 (BVR, 113) MARY CHESLEY, daughter of Jonathan and Mary (Weeks) Chesley of Durham NH (BVR, 212; Leonard Weeks and Family of Greenland NH). He was commonly referred to as "Judge Benjamin."

            Benjamin probably served as captain in Col Jonathan Bagley's regiment at Louisburg 1745 and with Col Nathaniel Sparhawk in 1762 (American Officers in French and Indian War, NEHGS). He was called Colonel as well as Judge, was an attorney and counselor at law, a colonel in the militia, and a judge of the Court of Common Pleas. He was representative from Berwick for fifteen years from 1756 to 1771, elected by the legislature to serve as Senator to the Massachusetts Legislature from York Co in 1780 (H-Saco & Biddeford, 290). He was a member of the Governor's Council and one of the founders of Berwick Academy, established in 1791. For the Academy he gave ten acres of land in the finest possible situation, and a sum of money besides, to begin the subscription.

            Judge Benjamin had purchased much of his brothers' and sisters' share of the family homestead and, therefore, owned much of the original acreage along the Salmon Falls River. In 1761 he purchased from his uncle Humphrey land in S Berwick. He lived there, in a humbler house built after 1720 at 30 Liberty St, courtesy of Howard Kaepplein while building his mansion house at Liberty and Vine Sts. In a letter dated 26 June 1768, Mary Chesley was admitted from Durham to South Berwick church (Libby's handwritten note in copy of Old Berwick). Benjamin raised a new house and barn 12 June 1770. In addition to his Berwick properties, he received liberal grants of land in Lebanon. He wrote about 1791 that "no house stands between here and Canada not built within my memory" (probably due to Indian attacks).

            Rev John Lord, in his historical address on Berwick Academy, refers to Judge Chadbourn as:

"a veritable patrician, with a great landed estate which his ancestors purchased from the Indians. He lived in a fine colonial residence, surrounded by noble elms. He sent John Hancock a large number of elms from his Berwick estate, to be planted on Boston Common, where some still exist."

Sarah Orne Jewett has made Judge Chadbourn one of the characters of her historical romance The Tory Lover, picturing him as an "old man of singular dignity and kindliness of look." These biographical details are from William M Emery's Chadbourne-Chadbourn Genealogy. The 1790 Census lists 2 males over 16, none under 16, and 2 females in Benjamin's household.

Child with Sarah, widow of Benjamin Libby (Libby, 39), surname LIBBY:

            ia.            MARY, b 27 Aug 1739; m JACOB SHOREY. Judge Benjamin supported Mary she was 7, at which time (Jan 1745/6 Court Session) he petitioned the court to put the child out to apprenticeship, and was discharged from further support (Court Sessions, YCGSJ Vol 3, No 4, Oct 1988). Child, surname Shorey: 1. Polly, m Jotham Hanscom. (Info from Joseph "Bob" Haswell, CFAA).

Children with first wife (BVR, 212), surname CHADBOURNE:

            i.            JAMES HEARD6, b Berwick 7 May 1743; d 27 June 1743 (Emery).

            ii.           MARTHA, b 26 Apr 1744; bpt 30 Apr 1744 (NEHGR 82:312); d 19 July 1834, age 89 (gs, Old Fields); m 1 Oct 1769 (NEGHR, 83:11) CAPT THOMAS LEIGH of Portsmouth, b Stone-leigh, Parish of Stonely, Warwick, England ca 1735, d 1815. Thomas and Martha are bur at Old Fields Cem (Leigh Family Recs, CFAA). Thomas came to this country prior to 1765 and was perhaps the builder of Leigh Pond for the water-powered mills at Lower Falls, S Berwick. The old family home built in 1726 still stands on Vine St in S Berwick, and has an historical marker. Children, surname Leigh: 1. Major Thomas, b 1773, d 1831 (Chase Charts, 1858); m 7 Jan 1813 Nancy Baker of Limerick, b 24 Oct 1788, d S Berwick 22 Oct 1853 (gs, Old Fields), dau of John and Salome (Drury) Baker, 4 ch. A Mary B Leigh, d 17 Mar 1815, and a John B Leigh, d 17 Feb 1826 age 14 mos, are bur in Old Fields, unknown. 2. Mary, b ca 1773 (Chase Charts, 1858), d 12 Apr 1831, age 58 (gs), probably unm. 3. Martha, bpt Portsmouth NH 10 Jan 1780, d Furnessville IN 1863, m 25 July 1798 Capt William Furness, son of Robert (NEHGR 82:16), 2 ch. The Furness family (Robert) owned property next to Judge Chadbourne in 1762. Martha inherited the "garden house", a small property adjacent to the "Stevens house" on Liberty St.

            iii.            LYDIA, b 20 July 1746; bpt 27 July 1746 (NEHGR 82:312); d S Berwick 3 May 1815 (Berwick TR; Chase Charts, 1858); m Berwick 1 May 1765 JOHN HAGGINS, b Berwick 19 Sep 1742, d 1822, son of Tilly and Mary (Woodsum) Haggens. John was likely a trader of S Berwick. In 1744 his father may have planted many of the elms in town. He or his father built the Jewett house in 1774. Children, surname Haggins: 1. Lydia, b 17 July 1766, d 25 Aug 1787. 2. Anne or Nancy, b 16 Apr 1768, d 1847, unm resident of Boston when the house was sold to Dr Thomas Jewett in 1822. 3. Mary (or Martha), b 15 Mar 1770, prob m Isaac C Pray of S Berwick and Boston, 3 ch. 4. John, b 18 Feb 1772, d 7 Sep 1778. 5. Benjamin, b 6 June 1774, d ca 1816 (Chase Charts, 1858), unm. 6. James, b 16 June 1777, d by 1839, m 14 Apr 1819 Eunice Marsh, d a widow 1839. 7. Sarah, b 24 June 1778 (Chase Charts), d Wells 4 Sep 1810, m 24 Nov 1807 Tristam Gilman Jr, b 25 Feb 1780, d Wells 25 Mar 1828, at least 2 ch. 8. Edmund, b 7 Oct 1780, m Elizabeth Rollins, d 16 July 1809, 1 ch. 9. Patty, b 8 Feb 1783, d 9 Jan 1834. 10. Tilly, b 23 Mar 1785, living 1822. 11. Betsey, b 25 Feb 1787, d 28 Apr 1809. 12. Daniel, b 25 Aug 1789, d 23 Sep 1801. (Info on this family written by John Frost and Dotty Keyes)

            iv.           SARAH/SALLY, b 20 Jan 1748/9; d & bur 24 Mar 1773 (Berwick deaths; "Tate's Diary," NEHGR, 74:189).

Children with second wife, surname CHADBOURNE:

83        v.            JONATHAN CHESLEY, b Berwick 9 Aug 1752.

            vi.           MARY/POLLY, b 14 Feb 1754; d 19 Sep 1774 (Berwick deaths); unm ("Tate's Diary," NEHGR, 74:189). She had been engaged to Col Alexander Scammel, a friend of her brother Jonathan, but he died in service to Gen George Washington as a prisoner of the British. This explains the often used name of Scammel in that branch of the family.

84        vii.          BENJAMIN, b Berwick 8 Nov 1756.

            viii.         GEORGE, b 3 June 1764; d 21 June 1764.

Figure 5: Early home of #64 Benjamin 5 Chadbourne, built circa 1762
30 Liberty Street, South Berwick, Maine
courtesy of Howard Kaepplein

Figure 6: #64 Judge Benjamin 5 Chadbourne manor house, built circa 1765
corner of Vine and Liberty Streets, South Berwick, Maine

65. CAPTAIN JOSEPH 5 CHADBOURNE (41. William4 Humphrey3-2 William1), born Berwick 1 June 1719 or 1720; baptized Berwick First Church 4 Sep 1720 (NEHGR); died Berwick 15 Jan 1808, age 89 (BVR, 287); married first Berwick 25 Nov 1747 (NEHGR 82:510) ABIGAIL HODSDON, born 16 Aug 1724, died 1760, daughter of Samuel and Prudence 3 (Scammon) Hodsdon (Scammon, Hodsdon Genealogy); married second 19 Nov 1762 (NEHGR 83:10) MARY (GRANT) HAMILTON, died by 1772 (Jones, H-Town of Lebanon, ME), daughter of Peter and Mary Grant of Berwick (Grant Genealogy); probably married third (Stackpole, 315) SALLY HODSON, died 31 July 1803; perhaps married fourth MARY _____ (wife Mary named in his 10 Apr 1806 will could have been a fourth wife or his second wife [YP #2660, 21:138]).

            Even in 1904, Emery seems to have had little information on this family, and little has been found since. They seem to have moved about a great deal. Some mentions in both ME and NH suggest that they were based from Berwick, but had ties in many other places, mainly Portsmouth NH. Joseph was called Captain because of his duty as an Indian scout in the French-Indian war. We know that Joseph inherited property from his uncle Humphrey in S Berwick; but it was sold to Judge Benjamin. He was probably the Joseph who received a proprietor's lot in Lebanon. According to the History of the Town of Lebanon, ME, Joseph, "came to Lebanon and settled on easterly side of the old highway, short distance northwesterly from Berwick line. Whether his settlement was made on one of the Home Lots in the 1st range or on a portion of the Cook Grant is not known. He was however among the earliest settlers. His first wife died in town at some time previous to the year 1772. Her disease was termed "putrid fever". Very little is known about him?he lived a while then moved away. Hasey's Diary in 1772 lists Mrs. (presumably Mary) Chadbourne's death of "putrid fever", as the first death in the town. She was carried at night to Berwick for burial after only a few day's illness. Joseph's son Scammon received his real estate in "Berwick". Joseph was listed in the Berwick 1790 Census with 1 male over 16 and 2 females. His will, probated 1808, lists his children as given below (YP #2660).

Children with first wife (Emery; YP #2660; all but Sarah in Stackpole, 315), born S Berwick, baptized 1st Berwick Church, surname CHADBOURNE:

85         i.           JOSEPH6, bpt 26 June 1748.

            ii.           PRUDENCE SCAMMEL, bpt 7 July 1749 (NEHGR 82:317); m1 ANDREW CLARK; m2 ENOCH CHASE. Children with first husband, surname Clark: 1. Andrew, b ca 1780 (Chase Charts, 1858), m Phebe Roach, 3 ch. Lost on board Privateer "Portsmouth", 1813 (Chase Charts, 1858). 2. Catherine, b 1782, d 1846, dsp. 3. Matthew, b 1786, d 1840, m _____ Ackerman, many ch. Child with second husband, surname Chase: 4. Enoch, b 6 Dec 1792, m Maria Lord 6 ch (Chase Charts, NEHGR).

            iii.            MARY, b ca 1759 (Chase Charts); d May 1807, age 44 (Early Marriages of Strafford Co NH); m 24 Feb 1779 NATHANIEL GUPTIL III, b July 1754, d 13 Oct 1841 (ibid), son of John and Abigail (Goodwin) Guptil (Stackpole, 482). Children, surname Guptil: 1. Samuel, m Fannie Goodwin, 3 ch. 2. Joseph, m, a shoemaker in Haverhill MA. 3. Abigail, m Cyrus Hall of N Berwick. 4. Alice, m _____ Stagpole, lived Ossipee NH. 5. Betsy, m George Abbott, lived at Ossipee. 6. Mary (Seth & Jennie Chadbourne's letters of 1885, CFAA).

86        iv.           SCAMMON, b Berwick ca 1753.

87        v.            MARK, b ca 1753.

88        vi.           BENJAMIN, b ca 1757, (not included in Chase Charts).

            vii.          JAPHET, lost at sea, a Revolutionary soldier.

            viii.         (possibly) SARAH, perhaps a dau of Joseph's third wife, Sally Hodson. Sarah is not mentioned in Joseph's will, but is in Hodsdon Family Genealogy. She could be the extra female mentioned in the 1790 census.

66. THOMAS5 CHADBOURNE (41. William4 Humphrey3-2 William1), baptized Berwick ME 28 Mar 1736 (NEHGR 82:98); died 7 Mar 1810, age 74 (gs, N Cem, Portsmouth NH); married 31 Jan 1758 (NEHGR 83:284) HANNAH LANG (Emery incorrectly called her Long), born Portsmouth NH 9 June 1737, baptized 26 June 1737 (NEHGR 81:444), died 9 Apr 1814, daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Trout) Lang of Portsmouth NH (The Lang Family of Portsmouth NH; Lang Family Genealogy, MHS).

            Thomas Chadbourne, smith of Portsmouth, and William Chadbourne, yeoman of Berwick, joined together on 14 June 1759 to sell their rights in the Fowling Marsh "alloted to our Father William Chadbourn, Decd" (YD 36;257-8). Thomas evidently disposed of land he inherited from his uncle in S Berwick in 1761 to widow Mehitable Odiorne and in 1768 to Olive Gibbs, widow of Robert. He bought his sister's, Sarah Ross Smith's, lot as well, and transferred it to his nephew Mark. In 1773 he received a grant of land in Conway NH and built the first frame house there; he also had a mill privilege there on Kesaugh Brook at the entrance to N Conway (Ruth B D Horne, Conway Through the Years & Whither). A scrap of doggerel was found on the inside cover of an old book showing the names of landmarks around Kearsarge.

"Thre men went up from dolluf town
And stop ol nite at Fosters Pockit
To make ye road bi InJune Hill
To git clere up to nort pigogit.
To Emris Kamp up Kesauch Brook
Wha Chadbun is beginnin-----------"(end)

The township of Hart's location in NH was granted him for his service in the French and Indian Wars. In 1792, Thomas teamed with Samuel Hill and Eliphalet Ladd in the first management of the Portsmouth Aqueduct in Portsmouth NH (Brighton, They Came To Fish).

            In the 1790 Census, the family was listed at Portsmouth with 1 male over 16, 2 sons under 16, and 5 females. Thomas' will, proved 30 Mar 1810, Rockingham County Probate #8246, names his wife and children as below, his property consisting of house and land situated on the north side of School St in Portsmouth (1810).

Children (Family Bible, NEHGS), born Portsmouth NH, surname CHADBOURNE:

89        i.            WILLIAM6, b 21 Apr 1761.

            ii.            HANNAH (or Martha), b 23 May 1763; bpt Portsmouth 12 June 1763 (NHGR 5:138); d 26 Apr 1847; m PHILIP PAGE, b 1758-9 (aad), drowned Portland 31 Oct 1825, age 66, son of David and Betsey (Eastman) Page of Fryeburg. Children, surname Page: 1. William Chadbourne, b 26 Mar 1785, d 30 May 1819. 2. Martha Chadbourne, b 20 Feb 1787, m Joseph Quimby of Brunswick. 3. Ruth Eastman, b 20 Feb 1789, m Abiezer Mathews of Bath. 4. David, b 9 Mar 1791, settled in Burlington 1825, d there 1850, unm. 5. James McMillan, b 1 Feb 1793, d 16 June 1879, m Burlington Betsey W Buck. 6. John, b 4 Feb 1795. 7. Mary Chadbourne, b 4 May 1797, unm. 8. Hannah, b 13 Jan 1799, d 8 May 1824, unm. 9. Sophia Dame, b 19 May 1803, m Russell Page of Brunswick. 10. Samuel P, b 27 Jan 1806. 11. Philip S, b Boston MA 3 Mar 1812, d Malden MA 1889 ("David Page of Fryeburg, Maine and his Descendants," Maine Historical Magazine, Vol 9, Jan 1894-5).

            iii.            MARY, b 28 July 1765; bpt Portsmouth 28 July 1765 (NHGR 5:183); d 1853 (Chase Charts); m WINTHROP BENNETT. She was a "single woman" at writing of father's will in 1810. Child, surname Bennett: 1. Winthrop.

            iv.            ABIGAIL, b 13 Aug 1767; bpt Portsmouth 13 Sep 1767 (NHGR 5:186); d 9 Mar 1842; m Greenland NH 4 Dec 1793 (VR) JAMES McMILLAN, probably of Bartlett NH. 6 children.

            v.            SARAH or Sally, b 15 July 1769; bpt Portsmouth 23 July 1769 (NHGR 5:188); d S Berwick 18 Dec 1854; m 1792 JOHN5 NOBLE, b 31 Mar 1761, son of Moses4 Noble of Portsmouth (Moses3 Lazrus2 Christopher1) (NEHGR 95:36). Children, surname Noble: 1. Hannah, b 7 May 1793, d 28 Apr 1828. 2. Elizabeth, b 28 Mar 1795, m Brackett Palmer, ch. 3. Moses, b 31 Mar 1797, m 23 Aug 1835 Caroline Howe Young, 4 ch. 4. Mary, b 1 Sep 1798, d after 1850 census, m John Goodwin, d 1859, 5 ch, one of whom was Hon John Noble Goodwin, 1st territorial governor of AZ. 5. John, b 9 July 1800, d Northwood NH 22 Jan 1815, unm. 6. Mark, b 19 Feb 1802, d 15 Aug 1869, m 2 Dec 1827 Mary Carr, 5 ch. 7. Sally, b 1 Sep 1805, m John P Lord, at least 1 ch. 8. Nancy, b 1 Sep 1805, m Charles Goodwin, at least 1 son. 9. Thomas Chadbourne, b 24 Aug 1807, d Augusta 5 Feb 1901, m 4 May 1835 Adeline T Johnson, 5 ch.

            vi.            MARTHA (or Mariah), b 10 Aug 1771; bpt Portsmouth 11 Aug 1771 (NHGR 6:42); d 10 Nov 1785; unm.

            vii.           THOMAS, b 30 July 1776; d Portsmouth 11 July 1825 (gs); m MARY HILL, b 1778-9 (aad), d 29 Dec 1826, age 47 (gs, Frost, Portsmouth Record Book). Both bur N Cem, Portsmouth NH. No children (Dr Thomas' Family Bible, CFAA copy).

            viii.          BENJAMIN, b 6 May 1779; d 12 Feb 1782.

67. THOMAS5 CHADBOURNE (43. Joseph4 Humphrey3-2 William1), born Berwick ME 30 Apr 1743, baptized 1 May 1743 (NEHGR 82:214); died S Berwick 1 June 1822, age 79 (BVR, 543); married 22 Oct 1767 (VR, 114) MEHITABLE4 GOODWIN, baptized 30 Apr 1744, died 12 Sep 1833 age 89 (gs), daughter of James (#20.vii) and Margaret (Wallingford) Goodwin (NEHGR 82:216; 74:195).

            Thomas was a blacksmith by trade (Chase Charts, 1858; Stackpole; 1772 deed). He was taxed in S Berwick for 40 acres, 1 dwelling, 1 out-building (Book kept by Daniel Wood, 1816 York Co Property Owners: Maine State Archives; Maine Families In 1790, 1:39). He left his blacksmith tools to son James, who lived in part of his house.

            They lived on the hill north of Chadbourne's (now Yeatons) Mills (Chase Charts, 1858), probably the second homestead. There is evidence from a descendant's family records indicating that Mehitable was once "taken by the Indians." The 1790 Census of ME lists Thomas with 3 men over 16, 1 male under 16, and 3 women. His will, probated 23 Dec 1822 (YP #2703, 31:142), names wife Mehitable, daughter Mehitable, son John, son James & his wife Susanna, and their daughter Lydia. The family has a burial plot in the Old Fields Cemetery in S Berwick, 150 yards ENE of the entrance (MOCA 3:1784). Sarah C Clements, sister to John's wife Shuah, died 2 July 1844, age 79. She lived with them and is buried in their plot at Old Fields (see John #90).

Children, born (BVR, 219) and baptized (NEHGR 82:501-3, 505) Berwick, surname CHADBOURNE:

90        i.            JOHN6, b 7 Sep 1768.

            ii.           HUMPHREY, b 24 Feb 1770; bpt 18 Mar 1770; d India 1791 ("Capt Delano's Voyages" written on his return from China; 1894 letter from Seth Chadbourne, CFAA).

            iii.           JOSEPH, b 1 June 1771, bpt 21 June 1772; d in a hospital London, England (Enoch Chase, Chase Charts: NEHGR, 1859).

            iv.           MEHITABLE, b 8 Mar 1774; bpt 20 Mar 1774; d 12 June 1833, age 58 (gs); unm.

            v.            MARY, b 23 Sep 1777; bpt 24 June 1781; d 11 Oct 1805 ("Tate's Diary," NEHGR 74:196). Deceased before father's 1822 will.

91        vi.           JAMES, b 24 June 1781.

68. JOHN5 CHADBOURNE (43. Joseph4 Humphrey3-2 William1), born Berwick 1 Apr 1744; died Albany Oct 1776 of mortal wounds received aboard a galley at Lake George (declaration of his son Joseph in application for pension, MHS, Zebulon Harmon's Papers); married First Church, Falmouth ME 24 July 1766 (Cumberland Co Commissioners Records) LUCY RIGGS, born Stroudwater 5 Mar 1751; baptized 1751 (King, Baptisms and Admissions from the Records of First Church In Falmouth, 95), died Oxford 4 May 1842 (Annals of Oxford) or 4 Oct 1843 (declaration of son in his application: ibid), daughter of Joseph and Ann (Barbour) Riggs. Lucy married second Falmouth 6 June 1777 (Cumberland Co Marriages, Sessions Records 1772-1783, MSA) Robert Hilborn, with whom she had nine more children. They moved from Portland to Minot about 1787, first settling in Hebron near the Minot line. The Hilborns are both buried in the Old Hilborn Cemetery, West Minot, Oxford Co, ME. Lucy was pensioned on Robert Hilborn's service (Revolutionary War Pension #W23293).

            John5 was not followed in Emery's work of 1904; however, Annals of Oxford, as well as the research of Fred Babson Chadbourne and R O Wilson, record this family in the manner listed below. The marriage of John and Lucy is the only Chadbourne-Riggs marriage record discovered at the Cumberland Co Commissioner's Office. John and Lucy reportedly had 5 children, but the Cumberland Co records were largely destroyed by fires, and available birth records do not cover this period. John of Falmouth is mentioned in 1771, as well as a record of his marriage. Recent research verifies Joseph as one of the children (see Joseph6). His declaration, made 17 Feb 1845, found at the Maine Historical Society among the pension papers of Zebulon Harmon, early pension agent of Portland, is herein repeated.

            "On this 17 day of Feb in year of our Lord 1845 appeared Joseph Chadbourne of Standish in the county of Cumberland, who before the Honarable Ware, judge of the United States for the District of Maine makes the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed July 4, 1836. That the declarant and Zebulon Chadbourne and Elizabeth Proctor are the only surviving children of John Chadbourne, deceased.

            That John Chadbourne was a soldier in the Revolution and served in the year 1775 eight months at least in Cambridge, and after the expration of the year's service he again enlisted for one year as this declarant believes and served in the Army at the Northward and that he was mortally wounded at Lake George in the month of October of that year and died of his wound at Albany.

            That subsequent to the death of his father, his mother married Robert Hilborn of Falmouth who was also a soldier and who drew a pension in his lifetime under the act of 1832 and that he died on the 8th day of January 1834, and that his mother survived him. He further declares that his mother received the benefit of the act of 1836 and drew a pension as he believes of $50.00 per annum from the time of said Robert Hilborn's death to the 4th day of May 1843 and that his mother died on the 4th day of May 1843 aforsaid and was a widow a the time of her death.

            He further declares that his father John Chadbourne was married to Lucy Riggs, his mother, before he entered the service in the Revolutionary War.

            This applicant further states that he is seventy six years of age and the oldest son of said John Chadbourne. He therefore claims in his own behalf and in the behalf of the other children before named the benefit of the Act of 1836"

Children, surname CHADBOURNE:

92        i.            JOSEPH6, b 1768.

93        ii.           ZEBULON, b 30 Aug 1772 (Could be the male over 16 in 1790 census with Robert Hilborn's [Wilbourn (sic) in census] family).

            iii.          ? WILLIAM, possibly the male under 16 in Robert Hilborn's family 1790; d by 1845 (see #152, Benjamin son of Joseph).

            iv.            BETSY (ELIZABETH), b Falmouth 1776; d Rumford; bur Sumner 26 Feb 1854 (Annals of Oxford); m 14 July 1799 REUBEN PROCTOR JR of Buckfield, b Merrimack NH 12 July 1773, d 27 Sep 1864, son of Reuben and Minde (Bigelow) Proctor (Harold Rounds, Proctor Genealogy, MGS). Children, b Sumner and Harmon ME, surname Proctor: 1. Abner (or Beronisa), b 18 Mar 1800. 2. Harmon, b 27 Nov 1801. 3. Able, b 13 Aug 1803. 4. Phebe, b 10 Mar 1805. 5. Hattil, (probably Hatevil) b Dexter ME 27 Feb 1809. 6. Levi, b 2 Feb 1807, d 1823, bur Sumner with his parents. 7. Alanson, b Paris ME 11 Nov 1810. 8. Charles, b 28 Sep 1812. 9. Christany (or Charles), b Corinna ME 23 Nov 1814. 10. Asa, b Andover ME 16 Jan 1817, d there June 1842, m Dolly Ann Delano, 1 ch.

            v.            daughter, d by 1845.

69. JAMES5 CHADBOURNE (45. James4-3 Humprhey2 William1), born Kittery 23 May 1714 (KVR, 42); died 9 Jan 1761 (Boyle, vide post); married Kittery 6 July 1740 (KVR, 102; NEHGR 27:9) BRIDGET KNIGHT, born Newington NH 3 Sep 1721, baptized 1 Oct 1721 (NHGR 3:60), d after 24 Oct 1811, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Shapleigh) Knight. Bridget married second before 1769 as his second wife Elijah Allen, and had more children (Boyle, EF-Sanford-Springvale).

            A mastmaker, James moved to Phillipstown (Sanford) in 1739 (Sanford TR). He was in Capt Jonathan Bean's company of scouts in 1747-48, at Phillipstown in 1758, and in Capt William Gerrish's sentinels in 1759. James' estate was probated in Jul and Oct 1763, and Apr 1764. Elijah Allen of Wells was appointed administrator (YP 11:88-9), "3 children being under seven years old," Bridget, Deborah, and James (ibid). Bridget Knight Chadbourne Allen, age 90, testified in Wells 24 Oct 1811 about members of the Shapleigh family.

Children (NEHGR 82:312, 315), surname CHADBOURNE:

            i.            PATIENCE6, b 17 May 1746; bpt Berwick 21 Sep 1746 (not mentioned in Emery, but bpt identifies her in Berwick); d Alton NH 30 Nov 1826 (DG&SA, 26 Dec 1826); m1 26 Oct 1769 JOSEPH DAME, b Dover 24 Mar 1743, d Barnstead NH 25 Apr 1773, son of Joseph5 (John4-3-2-1) and Mehitable (Hall) Dame (NEHGR, 91:390); m2 28 May 1804 CAPT EPHRAIM CHAMBERLAIN of Alton NH, bpt Rochester NH 14 Feb 1742, d Alton 14 Feb 1814, son of William3 (Jacob2 William1 ) and Mary (Tibbetts) Chamberlain of Rochester, widower of Sarah Horne; m3 Barnstead NH 19 Aug 1818 PAUL4 HAYES Esq, b Barrington NH ca 1744, d Alton ca 1821 (will proved 2 Oct 1821), son of Paul3 (John2-1) and Mercy (Evans) Hayes, widower of Abigail Drew (Richmond, John Hayes of Dover NH, 1:108). Children with first husband (H-Dover), b Barnstead NH, surname Dame: 1. James Chadbourne, b 25 Aug 1770, d Concord NH 10 Oct 1859, m Phebe Ayers, 6 ch. He was a noted schoolmaster in Barnstead NH, where he farmed. 2. Joseph, b 20 Nov 1772, d Newburyport MA 27 Mar 1861, m Anna Plummer, 14 ch. He was a farmer in Dover NH.

            ii.            SARAH, bpt Berwick 10 Apr 1748. She is not mentioned by Emery, but baptism identifies her as dau of James.

            iii.           DEBORAH, (Emery) b Wells by 1757 (under 7 in 1764,YP 11:88-9); d Wells 1 Jan 1827; m Wells 28 Jan 1779 JAMES ALLEN, b Wells ca 1757, d Wells 13 Mar 1840. Child, surname Allen: 1. Joseph, b Wells ca 1787, d 10 Sept 1851, m Wells 4 Dec 1811 Susannah Sargent, 6 ch (recs of Allen family, Carol Smart Mero, CFAA)

94        iv.           JAMES, bpt First Church Wells 11 Feb 1756.

            v.            BRIDGET, bpt First Church Wells 11 Feb 1756 (NEHGR 73:314); under 7 in 1764 (YP 11:88-9); m 1784 JAMES BASTON. Children, surname Baston: 1. James, b 6 Dec 1785. 2. Elihu, b 13 Mar 1787. 3. Royal, b Wells 11 Oct 1790, d S Berwick 19 Mar 1875, m Lavinia Bennett, b 1814, d 10 Apr 1889, 1 ch (Abbie Ann b Wells 30 Nov 1839 d Rochester NH 21 Feb 1913 m S Berwick 20 Apr 1865 Joshua Emery b 4 Aug 1832 d Rochester 8 June 1912 (desc recs, CFAA)). 4. Ivory, b 13 Dec 1792. 5. Sarah, b 31 Dec 1796, d 11 Jan 1798. (J Hutchinson, CFAA)

            vi.            ? SUSANNA? (mentioned in will of John Knight, brother of Bridget. He names Bridget Allen's children, James and Susanna Chadbourne (Newington NH Probate Records, Dec 1769). Note: 6 year gap between marriage and children, unless Deborah and Susanna were the first born.

            vii.           perhaps DOLLY, m Woolwich ME (int) 18 June 1768 (Rev Henry Otis Thayer's collection of VR of Woolwich) NATHANIEL FOSTER of Wiscasset ME. Children, surname Foster: 1. John, b 9 July 1769. 2. Bridget, b 8 Aug 1772. 3. Deborah, b 5 June 1776. 4. Abigail, b 13 Aug 1779. 5. Isaac, b 15 Apr 1783. 6. Betsey, b 27 Sep 1785. This info from a very old query item in a Boston newspaper. She may not be of this family, but her age, as well as names used, fit its framework.

70. JOHN5 CHADBOURNE (45. James4-3 Humphrey2 William1), born Kittery 23 Mar 1716/17 (KVR, 42); died Sanford 5 Apr 1789 (Boyle, EF Sanford-Springvale, 57); married Kittery (int) 12 Dec 1741 (KVR, 214) MARY SPINNEY, baptized Kittery 23 Sep 1723 (First CR, ts, MHS, 14), died 10 Jan 1789, daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth (Pomeroy) Spinney of Kittery.

            A blacksmith, John moved with his father in 1739 to Sanford, where he received a settler's lot (Sanford TR). He served with his brothers Joshua and James in the Indian Wars, in Capt Jonathan Bean's Co 1747-8, Capt William Gerrish's Co 1759, and as a captain on the Eastern Frontier in 1760. He was one of the owners of the Chadbourne Mills.

            In 1756 he united with the First Congregational Church of Wells. In July 1750 John and James Chadbourne signed a petition as inhabitants of Phillipstown for the need for a road for "our infant settlement" (York Co Sessions, Box 247, Oct 1747-1765). A house built in the 1750s, still standing at 33 Elm St, Sanford, was probably built by his generation. Said by local residents to be the oldest house in Sanford, it has been changed by an addition on Elm St, but one can still visualize the house from the rear, which appears to have been the original front of the house. We attribute this house to John as it was built by a Chadbourne, and John's brothers had lived elsewhere by this time, except for Joseph who moved to Cornish circa 1770.

Children (Boyle, op cit), surname CHADBOURNE:

            i.            SUSANNAH6, b and d 1742.

            ii.           SUSANNAH, b and d 1743.

95        iii.          JOHN, b Sanford 24 Mar 1752.

96        iv.           ELEAZER, b Sanford ca 1754 or 1757.

            v.            MARY, bpt First Church of Wells 11 Feb 1756 (NEHGR 73:314) with one of her cousins; d Lyman 19 Dec 1838; m SILAS GRANT, son of Alexander Stone and Margaret (Goodwin) Grant. Children, surname Grant: 1. Foss, b 1778, d 5 May 1831, m 25 July 1799 Polly Waterhouse, 3 ch. 2. Silas, b 1779, d Ripley 6 Dec 1850, m Betsy Straw, 10 ch. 3. Peter, b Apr 1784, d Lyman 2 Nov 1862, m1 Jan 1811 Nancy Waters, no ch; m2 Miriam Maddex, 7 ch. 4. John W, b 4 June 1786, d 21 Jan 1862, m Sep 1808 Esther Waterhouse, 9 ch. 5. Lydia, b 1788, m Asa Andrews, 1 or more ch. 6. Mary, b 1789, m 4 Dec 1820 Nicholas Gould. 7. Benjamin G, b 1791, m Hannah Chadbourne, dau of Rev John and Elizabeth (Grant) Chadbourne, 2 ch. 8. Samuel, b 1793, m1 28 Nov 1825 Rachel (Armine) Huntress, 5 ch; m2 Jane Gould, 2 ch. 9. Alexander C, b 1794, m Margaret Gray, 3 ch. 10. Margaret, b 1796, dy.

97        vi.            JAMES, b Sanford 14 Feb 1758.

Betty "of Sanford", attributed by Boyle, 1988, to this family, is actually Betsey, daughter of Joshua (#72) and Susannah Chadbourne (EF-Cornish). A Thomas, son of John, baptized First Church of Berwick 30 Dec 1753 is probably not of this family.

Figure 7: Home of John 5 Chadbourne #70 and four Chadbourne generations
33 Elm Street, Sanford ME, built ca 1750
courtesy of descendant Elaine Chadbourne Bacon

71. SAMUEL5 CHADBOURNE (45. James4-3 Humphrey2 William1), born Kittery 7 May 1718 (KVR, 42); died in the Army 27 Oct 1758; married Kittery (int) 6 Nov 1742 (ibid, 215) SARAH3 GOULD, born Kittery 15 July 1726 (KVR, 79), daughter of Benjamin2 (John1) and Rebecca3 (Furbish) Gould of Kittery or Joseph and Bethia (Furbish) Gould. Sarah married second 11 Oct 1764 (Parish Register, Queens Chapel, Portsmouth NH: ts, NEHGS, port 18) James Smith. (Info from MPA, Old Kittery, ME Genealogist & Recorder 1:110, KVR.)

            Samuel went in 1739 to Sanford, (lot 15, town records) but returned by 1748 to Kittery, where his widow remained with her father after Samuel's death. Samuel was baptized as an adult 28 Feb 1741/2 (2nd Church Kittery ts, MHS, 32). He served in Capt Peter Staples' Co in the Louisburg campaign in 1745, and in Col Jedediah Preble's Regt in the Lake George expedition of 1758.

Sarah bore a son out of wedlock 16 June 1762 (YCGSJ 6:1:11). On 20 Feb 1769, Sarah's father called her Sarah Smith in his will (MPA 13/433).

            There are many dates and persons in this record that make the authenticity of Emery's account doubtful. The will of Rebecca (Furbish) Gould names a granddaughter "Rebecca Hardison," who is undoubtedly the daughter of Sarah (Gould) Chadbourne (MPA 13/469).

Children (Stackpole), surname CHADBOURNE:

            i.            MARY6, (clearly b earlier but) bpt Kittery 26 July 1757 (2nd Church, op cit); m Berwick Second Church (Blackberry Hill) 2 Dec 1756 (BVR) THOMAS HARDISON, SR, b 9 Jan 1734 (notes of Patsy Jordan of Eastbrook), will probated 1792, son of Stephen and Alice (Abbott) Hardison; may have m _____ LIBBY. Note: Mary was atypically young for her marriage and childbirths if she was born after 1742 and supposedly married 1756. So the following information may be misplaced. Mary's grandmother Rebecca (Furbish) Gould, in her 1781 will, leaves items to granddau "Mary Libby" (See Lucy & Rebecca below). Children, surname Hardison: 1. Benjamin, b Berwick 2 Apr 1757, d Fort Erie ONT, CN 28 July 1823, m1 _____ Earle or Herle, 2 ch; m2 Jane Warren, b 1781, d 1866, 8 ch. He was a Pvt in Col Phinney's Ma Reg't. One dau was Martha Ann, b Ontario 1817, d 1911, had a dau Jessie. 2. Jonathan, b 1758, d 1773. 3. Sarah, b 20 Jan 1761. 4. Elizabeth, b 4 July 1762, m 3 Jan 1702 Samuel Libby. 5. Thomas, b 13 Sep 1764. 6. Nahum, b 25 Nov 1771, m Eunice ____, ch incl Sally Hardison b 4 June 1798 (recs of Daniel Smith, Franklin ME, CFAA). 7. Jonathan, b 20 July 1776. 8. Wentworth, b 17 June 1781.

98        ii.            SAMUEL, b 1750 or earlier.

            iii.           LUCY, bpt 26 July 1751 (Stackpole); d 1 Nov 1790; m Kittery 4 Aug 1774 (KVR, 154) DANIEL LIBBY III of Berwick, b 28 Mar 1746, d Berwick 23 Oct 1790 (World Family Tree v7 #735), son of Daniel and Abigail Libby (Libby). Children (Libby, 107), surname Libby: 1. Abigail, b 29 Sep 1775, m 5 Dec 1804 Aaron Chick. 2. Lois, b 20 Apr 1777, m 24 Feb 1796 John Guptail, b Berwick 16 Feb 1769, son of Nathaniel and Hannah (Keays) Guptail (Guptail Gen, 12; Maine Families in 1790, II). 3. Molly, b 14 July 1779, m 1798 Nathaniel Guptail. 4. Samuel, b 16 May 1781, m Mary J Johnson. 5. Jeremiah, b & d 1783. 6. Sarah, b 6 July 1785, m 1804 Thomas Chase, 2 ch (World Family Tree v7#735). 7. Daniel, b 26 Sep 1787, d 1792. 8. Levi, b 21 Aug 1789, m Lydia A Chick.

            iv.            REBECCA, bpt Kittery 26 July 1753 (2nd Church, op cit); m 12 or 17 May 1774 ("Records of First Church," NEHGR, 83:12) SAMUEL MAY HARDISON, b 1753, d ca 1815, son of Joseph and Mary (Pike) Hardison. The 1781 will of (grandmother) Rebecca (Furbush) Gould (MPA 13/469; YP #r7368, 13:253) left bedding etc to "granddaughter Rebecca Hardison." Children, surname Hardison: 1. Joseph, b Berwick 1774, d Caribou, Lyndon Aroostook, 22 Apr 1858, m1 28 Apr 1799 Betsey Hearl, dau of John and Mary (Lord) Hearl, 6 ch, incl Ivory, b 1799 who m Dorcas Libby (WFT 1:3567); m2 Oct 1814 Lucy Libby. 2. Adoniram, b Berwick 1776. 3. Benjamin, b Berwick 1778. 4. Nathaniel. They may have had a dau, Sarah, who m Daniel G 7 Chadbourne (#159).

            v.            BENJAMIN, b 2 Apr 1757; d of smallpox while a prisoner at Ticonderoga; supposedly m LUCY RIGGS of Portland, 5 ch (Emery--see previous discussion under John5). Believed to be an error in Emery, mistaking him for John5, repeated in Stackpole. He may also be confused with Benjamin Hardison, son of Mary above. No records of him or his children have come to light.

72. JOSHUA5 CHADBOURNE (45. James4-3 Humphrey2 William1), born Kittery ME 25 June 1729 (KVR, 42); died Cornish circa 1805; married 27 Dec 1750 SUSANNA SPINNEY.

            They lived in Phillipstown ME when two daughters were baptized in Wells 11 Mar 1756 (NEGHR 73:314). Joshua removed to Cornish ME after 1771 when he was still on the Sanford ME tax lists. He was a sentinel in the Indian Wars with his brother John. He is buried in the Cemetery in the Fields, near High Hill Rd, Cornish, between sons William and Joseph.

Children, surname CHADBOURNE:

            i.            BETSEY6, b Sanford 6 Oct 1751 (gs) or 26 Oct 1756 (Thompson Register), bpt Wells 11 Mar 1756; d Cornish 28 Sep 1827; m Berwick as his second wife 29 June 1779 JOSEPH MILLER THOMPSON, b Exeter NH 12 Nov 1751, d Limington 18 Nov 1840. He was the first settler of Cornish in 1784. Children (Taylor, EF-Cornish, 107), surname Thompson: 1. Joshua Chadbourne, b Sanford 13 Feb 1780, d Cornish 14 July 1817. 2. Joanna, b Sanford 13 Feb 1783, d Hiram 10 June 1808. 3. Susannah, b Cornish 25 Feb 1784, d 9 Oct 1874, m 17 June 1807 James King, son of Rufus. She was the first white child born in Cornish. 4. Betsey, b Cornish 20 Mar 1786, d 27 May 1874, m 30 Aug 1818 Cotton Lincoln, b Hingham MA 23 Nov 1785, d Cornish 17 Apr 1846. 5. Joseph M, b Cornish 1 May 1789, d there 15 Nov 1815. 6. Dr Benjamin, b Cornish 29 Jan 1792, d 17 Mar 1874, unm.

            ii.            LUCY, bpt Wells 11 Mar 1756; m SAMUEL HANSON.

99        iii.           WILLIAM, b Sanford ca 1760.

100      iv.           JOSEPH, b ca 1763.

            v.            GEORGE, drowned in the Mousam River, Sanford, June 1772 (NEHGR 74:184).

            vi.            JOSHUA, also drowned in the Mousam River, June 1772 (ibid).

            vii.           SARAH, b 1766; d Hiram 4 Jan 1855, age 89; m Wells 16 Dec 1784 WILLIAM STORER, bpt Wells 10 July 1763, d Hiram 13 Apr 1826, age 63. Both "of Wells" at marriage. Children, surname Storer: 1. Susanna, b ca 1787, d 15 May 1883. 2. Mehitable, b 15 Sep 1791, d Cornish 8 Jan 1875. 3. Joseph, b ca 1793, d 8 July 1862 in Civil War. 4. William, b ca 1796, d 24 Apr 1865. 5. John, b ca 1796, d 28 Jan 1877, m 11 Nov 1819 Susan Gray, who d 25 Oct 1883. 6. George, b 1798, d 4 Feb 1867, m Mercy Sanborn (CFAA) or (int) 30 Aug 1823 Mehitable Gray, d 23 Jan 1887, ch incl George Jr who m Caroline Warren. 7. Nancy, b 1800, d Denmark 21 Nov 1883, m Hiram 6 Mar 1826 Benjamin Whales, b ca 1798, d 26 Nov 1876, 2 ch (A Gorham, desc, CFAA). 8. Isaac M, b 12 Jan 1805, d Everett MA 22 Sep 1898, m 25 Dec 1827 Mary Durgin, dau of Joseph and Ruth (Farnsworth) Durgin (Ancestry). 9. Sarah, b ca 1801, d 24 Feb 1897, m (int) 2 July 1837 Ira C Smith, b 1802, d 1872.

            viii.           JERUSHA, m1 BENJAMIN CLARK JR of Cornish, b Epping NH ca 1773, d by drowning ca 1798; m2 before 1805 as his 2nd wife CAPT HENRY COLE, b ca 8 Aug 1764 (aad), d Cornish 6 Apr 1840. Child (Taylor, EF-Cornish, 23), surname Clark: 1. Benjamin III, b 1 Nov 1795, d 7 Feb 1864, m 2 Oct 1815 Olive Cole, 6 ch. Children, surname Cole: 2. Clark Chadbourne, b Oct 1805, d 31 Oct 1880, m 1 Oct 1827 Mary E Briggs of Cornish. 3. Martha C, b ca 1807, d 20 Jan 1840, m 16 Mar 1825 John Usher. 4. Harriet M, b ca 1810, living 1850 in family of Clark Cole. 5. Henry C, b 1 Feb 1810, d 3 May 1841, m 10 Oct 1832 Emily Ann Chick.

            ix.            SUSAN, b ca 1787; d Denmark ME 13 May 1883, age 96; m Hiram 14 Nov 1824 WILLIAM HILL, son of James and Eunice (Wilson) Hill of Cornish.

            x.            PATTY, unm.