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This site shares knowledge of ancestors and descendants of Chadbournes who came by 1634 to the Kittery/Berwick area of southern Maine (incl descendants of daughters), as well as history of that area. Help is provided for those interested to learn more.

Photo: Embossing seal used by Humphrey (2) Chadbourne, found at his house burned by Indians in 1690 in South Berwick, Maine.

The Chadbourne Family Origin

Chadbourns (no "e" on end), in most all cases in the U.S., descend from the same 1634 immigrant, William, who used both spellings.

The book on the Chadbourne Family (1994) uses the name "Chadbourn" where it is spelled that way by most descendants living today.

Those who called themselves "Chadbourn" or used both spellings, but most of whose descendants use "Chadbourne" are listed in this book with the trailing "e".

Typically an electronic search for Chadbourn will find it with or without the "e". In some cases one can search with soundex code C316 or can use wildcard search characters such as the * and ? in "Chadb*rn?" which may find all the above.

The index of our 1994 book in print combines all spellings of Chadbourn(e) and Chadburn, so don't be concerned about surname spelling when searching the index of our printed book index - though you may have to take more care with the CD edition tentatively to use the Folio search engine.

Chadburn in many cases indicates descent from the same man, 1634 immigrant William, especially those Chadburns who can be traced back to Maine, Vermont, or Canada's Province of Quebec.